Diode Laser Treatment

Diode Laser Treatment

Treatment Using a Diode Laser

Diode laser therapy has several advantages for orthodontic patients. To expose more of the tooth’s surface for improved aesthetics and function, we use a specialized diode laser to safely and efficiently remove superfluous gum tissue. As the “frame” around which your teeth are set, your gums are sculpted using orthodontic lasers to make them seem more attractive. Laser treatment’s finest feature? The use of needles is not necessary for the majority of situations! Only the tiny movement of the laser tip will be felt by patients since a topical anesthetic is applied to the gum tissue.

Ideal Bracket Placement

A laser may be used to remove extra tissue and expose enough tooth surface to put a bracket if your gums haven’t receded adequately or if a tooth is emerging more slowly than planned. TADs may be attached to this instead of wearing headgear if desired.

Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth has not erupted through the gums adequately. Rather than having to wait months for a tooth to emerge on its own or undergo a costly surgical procedure, we may aid in its eruption by utilizing laser therapy.

Gingival Recontouring for Aesthetics

If you’ve had braces removed, your orthodontist may suggest gum recontouring to improve the appearance of your smile. Using a technique called aesthetic gingival recontouring, the gum line is reshaped to reveal more of the teeth below. To make your teeth seem longer, your orthodontist will use a laser to remove extra gum tissue from around the upper teeth. Aesthetic gingival recontouring may also sculpt the gum line to create a more symmetrical, balanced smile if the gum line is uneven.

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