PROPEL® Orthodontics

PROPEL® Orthodontics

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Your orthodontic therapy may be accelerated using this method.

With PROPEL Orthodontics, we’re thrilled to be able to provide faster orthodontic treatment! If you’re looking to improve your smile’s looks but are turned off by the notion of wearing braces for months or even years, PROPEL may be the correct option for you. Even though each patient’s condition is unique, many may now finish their orthodontic treatment in less than a year because of this cutting-edge orthodontic technology.

As a result, how exactly does PROPEL operate?

Our patients’ orthodontic treatment has become more efficient, but not necessarily quicker, during the last two decades as a result of new treatment alternatives. Until now, that is!

By activating the bone around your teeth, PROPEL works with your biology. Your teeth will be able to shift more quickly and reliably into their proper place thanks to this treatment. Your new smile will be visible sooner and you will have to make fewer trips to our office. PROPEL is a non-invasive technique that may be performed right here in our clinic.

In addition, PROPEL therapy is quite painless. You won’t need to take any time off after the procedure, so you can go right back to work.

It can be utilized by around 80% of orthodontic patients and may be used with any treatment method, such as TADs and transparent aligners as well as traditional metal braces. Reach out to our office for additional information!

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